5 I 1-Cykel Nedre Bracket Cup Verktyg för BBR60/BB9000/DUB/FSA386/44MM Shimano Cykel Nedre Fästet för Borttagning av Nyckel Nyckel



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5 in 1 Bicycle Bottom Bracket Cup Tools For BBR60/BB9000/DUB/FSA386/44MM Shimano Bike Bottom Bracket Removal Wrench Spanner

specification: Five common bbs are integrated into one.

Made of high-quality materials, durable and durable.

Easy to use and easy to operate.


Suitable for hollow technology: 16-notch 44 mm outer diameter cup,

Suitable for many external thread types

Suitable for dubbing: 12-notch 46mm outer diameter cup,

Suitable for sram dubbing, for c-inch racing surface, for bsa30 rotor, for zipp vuma, for warhawk bb3086, and more

For bbr60: 16 41mm notch outer diameter cups,

For shimano bbr60 (ultegra 11-speed 6800 series), for shimano MT-800,

For bb9000: 16 slots 39mm outer diameter caliber

Suitable for shimano X-TR bb93, las-a-ce bb9000, token

For fsa386: 16-notch 49mm outer diameter cup

Suitable for fsa megaevo etc.

Product name: bottom support tool

Material: aluminum alloy

Features: 5-in-1 durable and easy to use

Size: Outer diameter: 5.5 cm / 2.17 inches (approximately)

Weight: 224 g


1 x bottom support tool

Taggar: shimano vanford, växelreglage shimano, kon skiftnyckel, nedre fästet skiftnyckel, park tool, nedre fästet ta bort verktyget, extractor shimano steg, bakgrund disco, lås nyckel ring, vevlagret

Typ Multifunktions Verktyg
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